Geomag is a magnetic construction toy. The original toy comprised bars with a magnet on each end (neodymium alloy) all attached by a magnetic plug (coated with polypropylene), and nickel-coated metal spheres. Magnetic forces hold the bars and spheres together, creating the possibility for many constructions.

Geomag construction kits are the perfect way for kids to develop fine-motor and planning skills and lets teachers introduce the concept of gravity in a super-fun way. Choose a colourful Geomag set and build the most incredible structures with the unique magnetic ball and stick pieces.
Create an awesome spinning top, a chunky NASA rocket ship, or use your imagination and build a wacky structure of your very own! The possibilities are endless with Geomag construction materials, while triangle-shaped designs are super-sturdy and versatile. Geomag sets are available in a rainbow of different colours, from playful pink to cool silver and even multicoloured, so there’s something to suit every kids’ style.

Geomag's Green Collection – 100% Recycled Plastic is the runner-up in the prestigious Editors' Choice Awards at Toy Fair 2020 in London.

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